How to get to Dr. House. ^____&

1.  Air conditioned coaches originating from the Northern Bus Terminal on Bangkok's Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road (Mochit 2) to Khao Kho (about 475 kilometers and this bus route passes the resort.)
Contact: Phitsanulok Yan Yon Tour, one-way ticket  = 387 baht.

2.   Conditioned buses from Bangkok's Mo Chit Kamphaeng Phet 2, Bangkok-Petchaboon, ticket one-way =290 baht; Bangkok-Lomsak, one-way = 322 baht.

3.  Buses from Lom Sak to Dr. House, Campson, Khao Kor District
Take a Minibus Lom Sak-Campson  or regular buses Lamsak- Phitsanulok on Highway 12. Bus fare is about 35 to 40 baht (one way).   

Notice a three-way intersection, do not turn to Khao Kho, but go straight about 30 kilometers.  Take the route to the milestone km 98 and take off  the bus. You will see the entrance to the village of Khao Kaew. Dr. House is located at the entrance of Poo Kaew Resort. Cross the road and proceed ahead for about 200 meters. The resort is on the right side.

4.  Buses from Phitsanulok to Dr. House
Take the bus Phitsanulok-Lomsak / Phitsanulok- Petchaboon, or a private car. Go straight to Highway 13 (approximately 100 km. Coach fare = 75 baht).

While approaching Coffee House Route 12, get ready to take off or turn left. Notice on your left  the entrance to Khao Kaew village. Go onward for approximately  200 meters and the resort stays on the right side.


GINPoint: GIN 63162 – Dr. House, Khao Kho
DrHouse117: Khao Kho Guest House for Short & Long Stay Accommodation
Tel: 081-905-3415, 089-045-0798.

Google Map Latitude : 16.7792118942238,101.007737517357


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